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Prof. Dr. Stefan Seifert

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Dr. Sascha Schweitzer


Contact Information

Room:1.0 02 112 (RW I)
Phone:+49 (0) 921 - 55 60 63
Fax:+49 (0) 921 - 55 60 62
Consultation hour:Thursday, 13-14 h (please make an appointment in advance)

Research Interests

In research and teaching I address the topics of patent and publication data, technology and innovation management, market design, and negotiations by applying methods and insights from data analysis, mathematical modeling, data science, management, economics, programming, experimental research, and psychology.


  • Data mining, text and topic analysis
  • Sharing economy
  • Technology and innovation management; theory and empirical research on innovation and knowledge creation
  • Economic aspects of environmental policy, in particular emissions trading systems
  • Mobile radio licenses and telecommunications markets; internet peering negotiations


  • Empirical research, data analysis
  • Mathematical modelling, game and auction theory
  • Economic laboratory experiments
  • Algorithms and computer simulations

Recent Working Papers

Schweitzer, S. 2017
Cognitive-Based Design Principles in Experimental Economics: How to Devise More Effective Instructions, Software, and Comprehension Tests. SSRN Working Paper. Download 
Brendel, J.; Schweitzer, S. 2017
The Burden of Knowledge in Economics. SSRN Working Paper. Download 


Betz, R.; Greiner, B.; Schweitzer S.; Seifert S. Forthcoming
Auction Format and Auction Sequence in Multi-Item Multi-Unit Auctions - An Experimental Study. Economic Journal.
Schweitzer, S.; Önder, A. S. 2017
Catching Up or Falling Behind? - Promising Changes and Persistent Patterns Across Cohorts of Economics PhDs in German-Speaking Countries from 1991 to 2008. Scientometrics, 110(3), pp. 1297–1331.
Schweitzer, S.; Wiewiorra, L. 2014
Paid Peering and Content Delivery. Proceedings of the International Conferece on Information Systems (ICIS). (Auckland, New Zealand)
Schweitzer, S. 2012
Large-scale Multi-item Auctions - Evidence from Multimendia-supported Experiments. KIT Scientific Publishing. (Karlsruhe, Germany)
- Betz, R.; Ehrhart, K.-M.; Greiner, B.; Ortmann, A.; Schweitzer, S.; Seifert, S. 2012
Experimental testing of possible designs for the Australian Carbon Pollution Permit Allocation Auction. Technical Report.
- Schweitzer, S.; Seifert, S. 2011
Mehrgüterauktionen bei unsicheren Wertkomponenten. Tagung der Gesellschaft für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung. (Nürnberg, Germany)
- Schweitzer, S.; Seifert, S. 2011
Auction Format and Auction Sequence in Multi-Item Multi-Unit Auctions. Econometric Society Australasian Meeting 2011 (ESAM). (Adelaide, Australia)
- Schweitzer, S.; Seifert, S. 2010
An Experimental Comparison of Spectrum Auctions under Uncertainty. Regional Economic Science Association Conference (ESA). (Tucson, Arizona)
- Schweitzer, S.; Adam, M. T. P. 2010
Ein Experiment zu Bietgebühren in aufsteigenden Auktionen. Tagung der Gesellschaft für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung. (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
- Adam, M. T. P.; Schweitzer, S. 2010
Bidding Fees and Escalation of Commitment in Ascending Auctions. Proceedings of the 11th Group Decision and Negotiation Conference (GDN). (Delft, The Netherlands)
- Schweitzer, S.; Seifert, S. 2008
Eine kritische Betrachtung des Endowment-Effekts. Tagung der Gesellschaft für experimentelle Wirtschaftsforschung. (Mannheim, Germany)

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